Brunch Menu


Farmers $24

Three organic eggs, Greek sausage, mixed vegetables, Ammos home fries served with fresh marinara sauce & yogurt cream

Salmon $28

Seared salmon bites, leeks, shallots, chives, yogurt cream

Vegetarian $19

Spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, tricolor peppers, broccoli Poached eggs

Mediterranean Benedict $29

Toasted bruschetta, assortment of greek cheeses, mountain oregano, fire-roasted pepper hollandaise sauce

Seafood Benedict $32

Poached mediterranean bass, chopped seafood selection, tarragon, hollandaise sauce



Seafood Cheviche $31

Finely diced tuna, salmon, chilean bass & red snapper, all marinated in lemon juice, onions, diced tomatoes, spiced chopped serrano chili peppers & cilantro

Tuna Tartare $35

Finely diced yellow fin tuna, tomatoes, serrano peppers, cilantro, a touch of garlic, fresh lime juice, avocado paste, soy sauce vinaigrette

Keftedes $19

Ground sirloin meatballs infused with feta cheese & parsley, cooked in tomato & basil sauce

Kolokithi $19

Crispy zucchini fritters, graviera & feta cheese, mint evoo, tzatziki dip

Garides Kataifi $32

48-Hour braised tiger shrimp, wrapped in kataifi phyllo dough, served with Our beurre blanc sauce

Greek Toast $22

French toast made with tsoureki bread, egg wash, infused with spices, vanilla, cognac, Served with two organic eggs any style & cured bacon or greek sausage

Avocado Toast $24

Sourdough sliced bread, organic egg, sliced avocado, cucumbers & beefsteak tomatoes, seasoning with sea salt, dried dill & black pepper



Chicken Breast (add $9)
Shrimp (add $14)
Salmon (add $11)
Grilled Octopus (add $16)
Grilled Kalamari (add $9)

Greek $23

Beefsteak tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, kalamata olives, barrel-aged feta

Katsikisia $22

Spring mix, dill garlic goat cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, raspberry vinaigrette

Frouta $23

Berries, seasonal fruits, vine tomatoes, mix greens, barel-aged feta, black sesame dressing


Main Dishes

Garides Santorini $45

Tiger shrimp in santorini style cooked linguini pasta, fresh tomato broth with greek feta, spiced with oregano & parsley

Glossa Burger $33

Mediterranean fish fillet infused with herbs, iceberg lettuce, our tartar sauce, pickles, ammos fries

Penne Kipou $28

Penne pasta with pesto sauce

Lamb Burger $23

Ground lamb burger, rosemary served in pita with ammos oregano fries & tzatziki sauce

Steak & Eggs $48

14oz bone in ribeye steak served with two eggs any style, ammos fries


Side Dishes

Assortment of seasonal fruits $14
Vegetable risotto $14
Fresh cut oregano fries $11
Roasted lemon potatoes $12
Grilled jumbo asparagus &
shaved graviera cheese $11
Creamy spinach $13
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