Prix-Fixe DINNER
three course menu

$ 69 

Monday to Friday 4:30-6:30pm & Saturday all day 


(Choice of one)

Salata a la Dimitri 

Baby arugula and mixed greens, mixed berries, strawberries, dry Kalamata figs, Macadamia nuts, cashews,  Greek honey & garlic balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Add cheese for an extra $8 (choice of feta or gorgonzola cheese)


Traditional spinach pie, barrel-aged feta, tomato sauce, mint evoo

Lobster Mango Salad  ADD $19

Steamed whole lobster pieces, diced mango, diced tomatoes, garlic, onions, serrano peppers, fresh lime juice, seasoned with sea salt and ground pepper, avocado puree


Served grilled with ladolemono sauce or crispy with lemon caper aioli


Ground sirloin meatballs with barrel-aged feta & parsley cooked in tomato & basil sauce


Main Course

(Choice of one)

Psari imeras

Fresh catch of the day, chef’s special preparation


Pan seared salmon on top of zucchini pappardelle sautéed with wild mushrooms, served with red pepper coulis

Makaronia Manitaria  

Linguini pasta sauteed with evoo, Shitake & cremini mushrooms, garlic, onions, fresh lemon juice, parsley,  Santorini wine, seasoned with sea salt, ground pepper & crushed red pepper flakes

Arni Yiouvetsi

Traditional slowly cooked lamb
shank in a homemade tomato sauce
over Greek orzo casserole


Roasted organic half cut chicken marinated in fresh lemon & fine herbs, served with sautéed brussels sprouts & wild mushrooms, lemon potatoes



(Choice of one)


Mixed nuts layered in phylo dough dipped in honey syrup 


Walnut cake dipped in honey cinnamon syrup served with vanilla ice-cream

Pagoto / granita 

Chefs daily specialty ice-cream or sorbet

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